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I had my eyebrows tattooed by Marina a week ago. I am absolutely thrilled with the results.


At 63 and never having had a tattoo before I was rather terrified about the experience and how the result would be.  I didn't want to look like a pair of eyebrows walking into a room.


I am so happy with the natural looking result. Marina took a lot of time making sure I was happy with the shape and colour before she did the actual tattoo.  She was calming and reassuring throughout the whole process.  Her salon is immaculate. She thoroughly explains the whole process and made me feel special and relaxed.


The process itself was surprisingly simple.  The first pass she did on my eyebrows was not much more than a stinging sensation really. The second I hardly felt a thing. By the time she did the third and final pass, it was quite relaxing. I could feel a gentle vibration, nothing more.


Marina took great care to explain how the healing process would work and what to expect. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

I totally love my new eyebrows. They are so much better than I could have ever imagined. I never realised the difference having eyebrows could make. It has even increased my self confidence.  I feel so good now. When out in public I'm not self conscious anymore like I was with the grey, sparse eyebrows that I had when I first presented to Marina.


I would not hesitate to recommend her to friends and family.


Margaret Peluso


Permanent Makeup Melbourne is a home based salon ran by Marina. I booked in a consultation to learn more about the process and application of eyebrow cosmetic tattooing. Upon arrival I was undecided as to whether or not I wanted to go forth with cosmetically tattooing my eyebrows, but when I met Marina she made me feel welcomed, I was impressed with the salons cleanliness, decor and welcoming atmosphere. Marina throughly explained the process and what to expect, this made me feel comfortable and at ease. 

I was impressed with Marina's professionalism and the cleanliness of the salon. After the consult I was confident and certain about going forth with the tattooing. Getting my eyebrows tattooed was a surprisingly painless experience. Marina's attention to detail is exceptional, her hygiene and her cleanliness procedures are impeccable.


I would highly recommend Marina for anyone who is considering getting cosmetic tattooing, you will not be disappointed. Thank you so much Marina, I am extremely happy with the results and will be recommending you to family and friends.


Renee Ann

Point Cook


Ok ... Where to begin ? Let's start with the premises elegant fastidiously clean and welcoming so very very lovely. 

Miss Marina is truly a professional she's gorgeous with personal high standards as well as knowledgeable, focussed and super skilled, I quickly felt at ease and knew she'd do a good job. What I didn't expect was how superb a job she'd do...

To say I love my new look is a massive under statement .. They've completely changed my face I look fresher, chic even - thanks beauty spot !! 

The idea of not having to bother pencillinge'brows in everyday and having consistentlooking eyebrows that suit my face that maximise my features & frame my face is F A N T A S T I C! 

Being looked after Marina - ❤️ Painless process - and stunning outcome - ❤️ what's not to love? 

If your thinking or hesitating wait NO MORE!!

Best thing I've done !!!

Marina Janett you rock!


Veronika Klaic



Well ladies, I don't know a woman who doesn't look and feel glamorous when she is made up. With summer on our door step, warm weather, water sports and endless social gatherings I decided this was the best time to take advantage of permanent makeup which won't run, smear or disappear.

I consider my eyes to be my most outstanding feature and to these I religiously apply eyeliner to enhance them.
Upon arrival to Permanent Makeup Melbourne I was greeted by Marina and introduced to her home based salon, which was beautifully decorated, sunny and very clean. During my consultation Marina explained the procedure and included information on after care. Marina's knowledge, professionalism and warm manner put me at ease and had me very excited about beginning the procedure. 

Local anesthetic was used throughout and I felt no more than a scratching sensation on my eyelids, (I had both top and bottom done)  Marina was extremely vigilant with hygiene and cleanliness I couldn't count the number of times she washed her hands and replaced her glove (very reassuring ).

When finally I sat before the mirror I was thrilled with the outcome. My eyes were gorgeous, defined and dazzling. WOW!!
Love, love, love, thank you Marina....

Ladies my experience with Permanent Makeup Melbourne and the lovely Marina was awesome, I am one happy client and have no hesitation in recommending Marina's services to anyone who might be considering permanent makeup.


Lien Jovanovski



Would like to thank Marina for doing my eyeliner today, I was told from others (who hadn't got it done from Marina) that it hurts A LOT... But it didn't hurt at all!


For a home salon it looked like a professional one! I really liked how particular she was in getting the liner perfect! 


Thanks again xxx


Cassie Yendall



From the time I arrived at Permanent Makeup Melbourne I knew I was in good hands. 

The highest level of care is taken in all aspects; from the salon appearance, balancing and shaping your brows to perfection, to hygiene and ensuring that you see that sterile equipment is set up and used.

I cannot find words good enough to explain how good my experience was. I thanked Marina about a million times; I'm so grateful to her for being so kind and patient with me throughout the whole process. 

Marina is a stunning, beautiful professional that wants the very best result for her clients. The price is incredibly cheap for the high level of customer service received.

I’m so excited to be able to go swimming without worrying about what my pencilled brows are doing!!!

Thanks a million Marina, I can’t wait to see you again for my touch up ‘perfecting’ session, although I’m not sure what could be done to make my brows any more perfect!


Taryn Hastie



I absolutely love going to see Marina, not only is her work amazing, she is friendly and makes you feel extremely comfortable no matter what treatment. I am pretty fussy when it comes to beauty therapy and have never left being unsatisfied or disappointed at all in her work. Service & cleanliness is always spot on (which i love)!! Marina has done a great job for every treatment I have had and on top of all that her spray tans are perfection!! I 100% recommend Marina - Permanent Makeup Melbourne to everyone & anyone!!!


Kat Vassallo

Point Cook


Marina is an amazing beauty therapist.She loves what she does and it shows in how much care she takes of her clients.The salon is always clean!! Fantastic service from a beautiful lady who ensures clients look and feel fabulous.


Maryanne Babic

Point Cook


Marina has been my beauty therapist for 5 years and is absolutely amazing! I've had the works done.. From top to bottom I always felt beautiful and pampered from start to end. Looking forward to having some tattooing done in the near future. I will give her the highest recommendation for any of your beauty needs!! 
PS. The salon is the ultimate oasis providing the most peaceful environment after a hard day at work...


Yvonne Delvaux

Point Cook


Marina has been my beauty therapist for the past 4 years. Her salon is immaculate and clean. 

Marina is very professional and knowledgeable in the work she does but most importantly a warm, friendly and caring person. She ensures her clients leave feeling beautiful!! 

I highly recommend Marina. She provides great advice especially when you're not sure about a particular beauty therapy. 

Thank you


Rose Fava-Lowry

Point Cook


I just had my brows done and her service is next to none~ She took her time to perfect my brows,Never once trying to rush me and listened to what I wanted and delivered!!! Her home based salon is clean with a very calm atmosphere Id seriously recommend her work to anyone be it for cosmetic makeup facials nails or tans..... So stoked can't wait to sleep in every morning now that I don't have to fill in my brows.  I will definately be returning! 


Rhianna Windsor




I LOVED visiting Marina today and getting my new eyebrows!! After over-plucking more than 10 years ago my eyebrows do not grow so I'm forever fluffing around with drawing them on to look human- this is amazing! They look incredible and am 200% happy with her wonderful work.


Marina was very welcoming and professional, she took me through every step of what was going to happen today and then during the healing process. I felt fully informed about everything and she made sure I was comfortable and confident with what we were planning. From the moment I arrived I knew she would take great care of me and I wasn't anxious or nervous at all.


Driving home was hard as I was so distracted by my bombshell brows!!! Her studio is beautiful and immaculate, I'm can't wait to go back for my perfecting session! Though really I'm not sure they could look any better than they already do! 


The application itself was painless and didn't take forever- even though she is a perfectionist, bless her! I will highly highly recommended her to everyone!!


Thanks again Marina, LOVE your work xx


Juliana Carson




I love my new rebalanced eyebrows, I can fully recommend Marina for her amazing talent, dedication, passion and professionalism!


I was quite apprehensive when I arrived due to the unknown process but became relaxed and excited once Marina fully explained the process.


Can not wait to return for my maintenance consultation. Thank you so much Marina for the new me!


Anita James

Point Cook



I went to permanent makeup melbourne today for the first time and it was such a great experience. Such a professional service and salon.


Marina is AMAZING at her job and i havent stopped looking at and taking a million pictures of my new PERFECT eyebrows!!! She talked me through and explained everything to me answering any questions i had about the procedure. I was a little nervous (even though i dont mind getting needles and normal tattoos) before we started but was so suprised actually shocked how painfree the procedure was.

Marina goes above and beyond to make the end result perfect and something you will be in love with. Sometimes i dont like going to home salons but permanent makeup was amazing i am soo so so happy beyond words i made the 80 minute drive to her.

Im so happy words cant thank you enough :))


Holly Carney




I absolutely cannot recommend Marina more! She was completely professional, whilst also making me feel welcomed & comfortable! Her cleanliness is above & beyond! I was apprehensive of getting my first "tattoo" but she was so reassuring & lovely! Couldn't be happier with my beautiful brows!


Melinda Rohloff




I was so scared to get my eyebrows done. I deliberately didn't do much research as I didn't want to talk myself out of it. 
Marina was amazing! She went through everything, explaining the procedure, the anesthetic, the expected results and the after care in specific detail. She didn't miss a thing. She was very precise with her measurements making sure both brows matched perfectly. 
I loved the time and care she took when drawing her template.
The procedure itself went relatively quickly and in my opinion was no more painful than threading. It's uncomfortable at worst. 
I'm so thrilled with the results! I cannot recommend this business or Marina highly enough. Make your appointment today! You won't be disappointed. 
Thank you again for your amazing work Marina.


Penny Rudge 





Marina is the BEST she's so lovely and takes as much time for you until you are completely happy., very professional! She makes you feel so welcome and not like just a costumer. Absolute fantastic result, so happy with my eyebrows highly recommended A+++


Sophie Soe




I'm in love with my eyebrows!!! Marina is unbelievably talented, she managed to fix a horrible tattoo job I had done weeks ago! My eyebrows went from Oscar the grouch to pure perfection!! Thank you so much Marina! You have done an amazing job!!


Stephanie Chapman






Today I went to Permanent Makeup Melbourne and got a great job done by Marina.. 

When I first got there, the environment looks so stunning which really help you relax for the procedure later.. Firstly, Marina and I go through every single detail about the procedure and how she would design the best eyebrows for me.. 

After that, she taught me about the aftercare in specific details which is the most important part you need to do to maintain your eyebrows..

And then we start the procedure.. Since Marina already put anesthetic over my eyebrows, it doesn't really hurt much during the procedure.. I mean you can feel that she's doing it, but it's not that painful as what I thought before.. And plus, she will keep putting anesthetic on it during the procedure, which help release the pain as well..

I was so surprised for the results, it makes my life much easier from now on since I don't need to waste time fixing my eyebrows everyday and it gives me confidence as well.. I've saying thank you to Marina today for so many times, it's a business that I would highly recommend and you won't be disappointed.. And thank you again Marina!!


Yuenki Ho






I got my eyebrows transformed yesterday by Marina and I can gladly say that I have never been complimented more times than I have today!! I am absolutely in LOVE with my eyebrows and I am in awe of Marina's expertise, she is a true perfectionist! She labored over my brows and didn't rush to create the beautiful shape/template. The tattooing procedure following this was taken with equal amount of time and love! Also, her salon is very clean, beautiful and inviting, which helps you feel at ease!
I highly recommend anyone wanting to transform their brows to get then done with Marina! 
Thank you so much Marina!


Erica Selina Larsson




Highly recommended! Absolutely love my new brows. Treated with the utmost care, time and impressed with the high level of hygiene.


Ellie Neff







Seriously WOW! I am absolutely amazed with my new eyebrows!  
At first I was so nervous about getting my eyebrows tattooed, but meeting Marina & having her explain everything to me, made me feel so confident. Her salon at home is gorgeous & very hygienic. I highly recommend her to anyone & everyone! Love, love, love my brows. I think I took a selfie at every stop on the way home. Hahaha. Thanks Marina!


Melanie Anastasovski






Today I met a beautiful woman named Marina and she gave me the most delightful eyebrows I could ever imagine!!
Marina is a true eyebrow artist who takes the time to give you perfect eyebrows and makes you feel perfectly comfortable throughout the entire process.. I couldn't have asked for more.. She runs a professional business, is very personable and delivers a stunning end result. I can't wait to go back in 4 weeks for my perfecting session 
I had done so much research and was so impressed with the way Marina talked me through my consult and her expert honest advice made the whole session a pleasure!!
Marina's February special is a bargain-
Not that I could put a price on the way these new eyebrows have made me feel!!
I cannot thank you enough


Annamaria Gerolemou






From the moment I first spoke to Marina (over the phone), I knew she was the one (to fix my horrible brows done by another

cosmetic tattooist) I was so glad that my brows could be saved.

Marina was lovely and friendly to chat to and was able to answer all my questions and educate me a bit more on the art of cosmetic tattooing. It is a shame a lot of cosmetic tattooist are not as knowledgeable, experienced and passionate like Marina is.

The salon was easy to find and looked absolutely beautiful. Working in the beauty industry myself, it was a huge relief to see Marina was absolutely professional and exercised proper hygiene. smile emoticon Marina spent a good half an hour Shaping my brows to perfection before getting them tattooed on. As Marina was an absolute perfectionist (which I totally love), she went over my brows again until she was satisfied. 

The whole brow procedure took about 2 hour and 45 minutes, and it wasn't rushed. I am absolutely stoked with my new brows, and love the thought of waking up with amazing brows thanks to the super talented and amazing Marina.

Just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to the beautiful Marina for taking the time to perfect my brows. Your bubbly personality is contagious grin emoticon keep up the fab work. The boyfriend loves it too and didn't mind the shininess xoxox


Tiffany Love Mua

Avondale Heights







Marina is an artist! Professional and precise with her work, she is definitely a brow expert. The color, shape and feathering was on point! The pain is quite bearable, if you've gotten tattoos previously then you won't expect much pain! After waiting a long time to find the right person to tattoo my brows, I am definitely content with the end result! Marina is lovely and makes you feel at ease throughout the whole process! Thank you so much for giving my fair brows color and life, would recommend to my friends and family! Amazing!


Nina Stonem

Deer Park







Absolutely amazing eyebrows from the talented Marina! Beautiful person who made me feel welcome from the minute I walked in. Very professional and explained everything as she was doing it. Love my new brows. Would definitely recommend to everyone in need of the perfect eyebrows.


Lisa Cefala

Keilor East




Marina is so talented and very accommodating. She makes you feel at ease through every step of the process and the results are amazing, not to mention just being a lovely lady, couldn't recommend anyone more than Marina.


Simonette Graco

Herne Hill






Permanent Makeup Melbourne!! The only place I will go to for my eyebrows! Marina took so much pride in her work to make sure the client is 100% happy! Best treatment i have ever received from a beauty therapist. Great atmosphere & so professional! Highly recommend! Thank u so much xx


Yasmina Warsame







Amazing! Couldn't be happier with the results and Marina is the ultimate artist. Super professional, so much attention to detail and made me feel very comfortable. Exceeded all my expectations and I love my awesome new brows. Featherstroke forever! Do it!


Alicia Kacar

Point Cook





My eyebrows got a beautiful transformation tonight by Marina.
She is so professional and goes through each step with you. She is perfectionist.
She made me feel very comfortable.
She has done such an amazing job on my eyebrows her work is fantastic.

Thank you once again, I love my eyebrows


Stephanie Jashar






Marina is incredible.

I was extremely nervous about getting the treatment done. As soon as I walked in Marina made me feel completely at ease and comfortable at hers.
She was very meticulous and took her time throughout, I really couldn't have asked for more.

To anyone in two minds about getting it done... DO IT
You won't regret it


Alice Williams


Marina was professional, passionate about her work, clean and efficient. You can tell she has an artistic hand and the results speak for them selves! Loved her work on me.


Dani Gargano


From sad brows to WOW brows, Marina transformed my brows into beautifully structured, natural eyebrows that complement my facial features. Throughout the treatment, she showed utmost professionalism and always ensured my comfort. During my consultation, Marina thoroughly explained the procedure and showed me my potential result. I left knowing I was in very good hands and was extremely excited to see the transformation. Marina performed in a gentle manner and spoke to me during treatment which was very easing. She is a perfectionist and ensured I was completely satisfied with the result. Her amazing work reflects her pride and passion as a cosmetic artist. She has such a welcoming and caring nature. I'm absolutely loving my results already and received many compliments! I highly recommend the gorgeous Marina!

Julia Paris

I absolutely recommend Gorgeous Talented Marina.
Love Love Love Love My Eyebrows.
You gave my eyebrows life after 30+ years. 
Your perfection and attention to detail clearly shows your passion and your talent.
Marina takes pride and cares about you xx
I felt so comfortable and confident with Marina’s professional advice before, during and after care.
I went to the shops straight after and you wouldn’t have ever known I had just had the procedure looks so natural. 
Thank You My Gorgeous Angel Marina xx

Monita Toka


Marina you are an amazing beautiful lady and your work is so professional and your a perfectionist which shines in your work and the outcome is absolutely transforming!! I was so comfortable with you and I love my eyebrows and lash enhancement eyeliner I’m a customer for life!! Didn’t hurt a bit just feels like little scratches no probs to drive home and to work the next day, I had no swelling at all and felt fine..I can’t recommend Marina enough..

Lily Sumiga