How long does cosmetic tattoo last?

The pigment can last for up to 1 - 5 years. Lighter colours will fade faster than the darker colours. Your skin type, lifestyle and skin products you use can all impact how well your skin holds the pigment. The good news is that you are never stuck with a colour. It can be modified or changed. Feather stroke will need to be touched up annually.

What is cosmetic tattoo?

Non-allergenic pigments are blended for your specific colour preference and are implanted into the dermis layer of the skin.

What tool do you use?

I use a digital machine. It is an electric pen like machine especially designed for cosmetic tattoo. It evenly distributes and implants the colour into the dermal layer of the skin. These soft, natural looking colours bring the best out of your features and result in a natural appearance, instead of the harsh traditional tattoo colours.  For feather stroke brows I use a manual hand tool. 

Does cosmetic tattooing hurt?

If you are feeling anxious about the procedure you can purchase a small tube of Emla from your local pharmacy and apply it to your brows I hr before your procedure. Should you choose to not use a numbing cream the procedure can be a little uncomfortable in the beginning of the procedure. Many clients compare the sensation to eyebrow threading.


Do I shave my eyebrows?

Most certainly not. Although we can change the shape of the brows, we try to keep the eyebrows as natural looking as possible.

Am I too old to have cosmetic tattoo?

Cosmetic Tattoo is suitable for all ages. Especially the elderly find it hard to apply make up, but still want to look good. My clients range from 18 to 94.

*Legally you must be 18 yrs of age to be tattooed. 

Do I have a choice of colour?

I have a range of colours that can easily be blended to the desired shade.

What is the difference between powder finish and eyebrow-feather strokes?

Powder finish is a technique where you are left with a brow pencil or shadow solid yet soft effect.

Eyebrow -feather strokes is a technique that fills in the gaps in the eyebrow. The results resemble natural brow hairs. This is a very popular treatment for those that don't want solid shading.

What is the difference between eyeliner and lash-enhancement?
Eyeliner is a solid line which can be any thickness.
With the lash enhancement, pigment is inserted in tiny little dots between the lashes, thus giving the eyes definition, without creating a line. Ideal for those that like a none make up look, but still require definition. Some clients prefer a full line on the upper lid but just want enhancement of the lower lid to create a look of fuller lashes.


Will I need more than one appointment?

Yes I recommend a touch up / perfecting session for all procedures within 4-6 weeks. Feather stroke eyebrows need more maintenance.  I recommed an annual touch up.

Do I come in with or without make up?

Preferably without make up. You can draw on your own lipline or eyebrows before you come in so I can see what shape you like, or I can draw them on for you.  You can also bring your favorite lipsticks, lipliners, eyeliners and brow pencils, so we can decide on the colour.

Can I wear makeup after my procedure?

No, you must not wear makeup on or around the treated area for 7 days.  Please remember your makeup and brushes are riddled with bacteria and coming into contact with your new cosmetic tattooing will compromise your healing and can cause infection.  It is your job to follow your aftercare to ensure proper healing so that you get the desired results.


Where do the colours come from?

The pigments come from the United States, and have been made with FDA approved ingredients. The pigments are made of iron oxides, that are dispursed in alcohol and glycerin which are organic substances. All my pigments are of the highest quality and have been approved for Cosmetic Make up and Paramedical procedures.

Allergies from these gamma sterilized pigments are rare.


How long does each procedure take?

Depends on the area treated. I allocate 3hrs per client. Having said that you could be out the door in 2hrs. 

*Please not there is always a variation in time.  I do not rush consultations or my work.  I may estimate 2hrs but then take an extra 30 or 40 minutes but trust me you see it in the end result.  After all it is your face and until you are satisfied and ready to sign off on the colour and shape the procedure does not begin. 

What is involved in the healing and post care?

Swelling may last from 2 to 72 hours for eyeliner and this is very individual. Eyebrows very rarely swell. Aftercare will be covered after your procedure, and an aftercare sheet is provided for you to take home. Cosmetic Tattoo colour will appear extremely intense and thick immediately after the procedure, this will fade in 5 to 10 days. Colours will continue to soften over the next couple of months.

Do I need to take time off work?

Most people do not need to take time off. Cold packs can be applied straight after the treatment, to help reduce any swelling. 


Can I have cosmetic tattooing while I'm pregnant or breast feeding?

I do not perform cosmetic tattooing on pregnant women.  Breast feeding mums can be tattooed but you will need to pump and dump for 48hours after your treatment. 

What if I already have tattooing done by another technician?

Please note I no longer offer corrections over another technicians work.​